Users Added Via Api Not Receiving Creation Notification


We currently have a setup where all of our customers are Trade accounts.
This is due to change slightly at some point in the future to make it all open to public, but as initial launch we have a requirement to keep user registration locked out and only allow our trade customers to place orders.

To do this we have removed any links to the registration page, so that users can't register themselves, and disabled anonymous checkout.

To add user accounts to CS Cart we use the API. We pass the user creation data from our backend ERP system to CS Cart.

Our problem is that if we add a new user to the site via the API it doesn't seem to send the profile creation notification to the user. Adding them manually in admin section does send the notification though so emails are correctly configured.

Could this be by design for API creation? Or could we have missed some setup/config options somewhere?

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Hello Craig

Look into


method "create"

function "fn_update_user"

Please try change last parametr this function on "true" and check

Not tested!

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Hi Robert,

That's worked perfectly.

Thank you so much, we've been banging our heads against a wall with that for a while now!

All the best.


Hello Craig

You are welcome :)

Best regards


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