User Needs To Be In Group For Add To Cart. 4.2.3

since they removed recurring, is it possible to make a group called members.

if they buy the product membership , then they can be part of the group and therefore be able to add to cart ? else a signup/buy membership is displayed as a link ?

is there any plugin out there that mimics this ?

Nothing I'm aware of exists. You want customers to be able to see products and details but not be able to add to the cart until they become a member of your “members” group?

Are you wanting this restriction to all products on the site? Or only for specific products or categories?

We made similar modifications several times. If a customer buys specific products, different user groups are activated for this customer depending on the selected product. If you are interested, feel free to contact us using the link from my signature to get a free quote.

Dear Vanderex,

You are also at your service.

Please contact us to get a free quote.

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done that, waiting on your quotes