User Licence and other questions?

[quote name=‘Primus007’]Just taking a look at CS Cart and I am very impressed but I do have some worries?

  1. As I undetsand it, the user purchases a license for Beta testing until the stable release, which is an unknown period. Also what seems to be undisclosed is what happens when the stable version is released, ie will you still be able to use the Beta version, and how much will the stable version cost?
  2. Will be able to change templates and content or will the code be locked down with encryption?
  3. Does the basic skin in the CS cart have tables in the templates?
  4. I see that you have Bulk product addition, but I don’t see an option to upload a spreadsheet, is it a case of adding one by one online?[/QUOTE]

    1.WHAT??? BETA… we are on release 1.3.5 + … where do u get this info about beta or stable version? version2 hasnt been released

  5. with the license version - no code is locked down… ever.
  6. I am not sure - but i believe that a majority of the tabled code in the basic skin in 3.5 has been converted to css.
  7. there is a bulk product import. but its not as if you couldnt access the sql db directly too.

    i believe most people would never sit around doing line-by-line… - u need alot of time if you have more than a handful of products…

    Have you even looked at the info on the website or checked the demos??