User Groups Tab Missing If Admin Name Changed Bug

I think this may be a bug or incorrectly documented at :

If the Customers > Administrators > Admin account has the Firstname / Lastname fields changed to anything except 'Admin' then the User Groups tab is not visible while trying to allocate other administrators to different administrator groups.

I have confirmed this on my own site by checking the MySQL table

via unix root user:

/# mysql -u database_username database_name -p database_user_password

MariaDB [database_name]> select * from cscart_users


The systems appears to require all of the following fields to set as shown for the Root admin account:
user_id: 1
user_login : admin 
is_root : Y
firstname : Admin
lastname : Admin
ie: DO NOT replace 'Admin' with a real person's name.
The documentation only states that the is_root field is important.
Has anyone else found this ?

I do not believe this to be true. All that's needed for the usergroups tab to show is the "is_root" field to by "Y".

Bugs should be reported in the bugtracker. They won't be addressed in the forums. But it's always a good idea to run it by the forum to verify the validity of the defect.