User groups have absolutely no effect


I am using 4.15x. Whatever the group I set for an admin user in their profile, they have full access to everything.

I have created a new user to test it, I have created a new administrator type of user group and gave permission to pages & blog only and view only. I set all groups to “denied” for this user, except for the newly created group which is set to “Available” (or “Active”). But the user is still has full access to everything.

Changing the permissions of a group or assigning a group to a user have absolutely no effect. How can I solve this issue?

The user group should have the Active status (not Available). Then try to sign out and login again with the corresponding user account

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As I said in the first post, I tried “Active” too. I am logging out and in after every change I make; but no single change makes any effect on the user. Once a user is created in administrator type, they have ultimate access no matter what you set in user groups and no matter what you set in group permissions. Even disabling all groups for user doesn’t effect anything.

It is required to examine issue on your CS-Cart installation. Please contact CS-Cart support team

Also, please make sure that any other administrator group is not assigned to this administrator, since allowing privileges will be used from all the assigned groups.

Even disabling (rejecting, denying) every group on the user doesn’t have any effect.

Write to support. It is necessary to look individually in your installation. The error may have been caused by a third-party module.

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