User Groups And Act On Behalf Dissappeared!

I just realized that these two things I wrote above dissappeared from my backend..

It was ok before one week, what happened?

I run it locally and everything was running without any problems.

After I searched almost every file that could be responsible for this, I decided to clear the cache and cookies from the browser and now everything returned!

I just can't explain it..

Even I am seeing this behavior, under the Vendor profile, , the "User groups" tab has disappeared. The only tabs available are:

General Add-ons API access . There is no tab for "User groups"

It is present however for the Customer profile but not Vendor Admin.

Clearing cache has not helped.

Any ideas? Have I turned something off by mistake, or layout edit may be?



Make sure that there are active user groups with the Administrator type

Hi eComLabs,

Yes, I do have active admin type groups. The User Groups tab is visible for Customer Profile, but not for vendor profile.

Be sure you are logged in as the root admin, otherwise admin user groups are hidden.

Hi eComLabs,

Yes, I do have active admin type groups. The User Groups tab is visible for Customer Profile, but not for vendor profile.

You should not see administrator user groups on the customer profile. There is separate list of user groups for customers

Thanks tbirnseth and eComLabs.

It is related to my admin privileges. It turns out my account does not have root_admin privileges even though I am part of the administrator user group.

When I log in using the root admin credentials, I see the groups.

I now need to figure out how to get myself root admin privileges ( I am the store owner and the main admin, though the software was installed for me by third party)

tbirnseth, I read your earlier post explaining the three levels of admin access. Can more than one user have the "is_root=Y" in the DB?



Yes, more than one user can be "is_root=Y".

However your issue is probably more related to being in an administrator group. This causes "RESTRICTED_ADMIN" to be defined and several admin capabilities (most notably Admin Group assignment) are restricted.

Only use Administrator groups when you want to restrict the privileges of an admin user.

Thanks tbirnseth.

The third party that installed MV for me is the root_admin (and USER_ID=1). I do have that login credential and that is how I created an account for myself and assigned this user to the admin group. Looks like I restricted myself!

How do I now give myself root_admin powers? Is it as simple as changing "is_root=Y" against my username in the DB?

I am guessing once I do this, it will override all restrictions that were previously assigned to me (which you referred to above), or will I have to manually reset those attributes?



You need to probably do two things:

1) Change the "is_root" column to Y for those admins you want to have root admin privileges.

2) Remove any entries in the cscart_usergroup_links table for the user_id's that you have made "is_root = Y' (This will remove those users from all usergroups).

Clear your cache. Logout/login and all should be well.