User Group Problems

Hi Guys and Gals!

I’m having problems with user groups! I have 3 user groups, Customer, Trade, Reseller, now the problem is, i can let people who have signed in see their respective category (ie Trade and Reseller) that others cant see, but I cant seem to hide the original category at the same time…

For example, I have

Electric Motors (original retail category) All N Guest Y Registered N Customer Y Reseller N Trade N

Trade Electric Motors (same but trade) All N Guest N Registered N Customer N Reseller N Trade Y

Reseller Electric Motors (same but reseller) Guest N Registered N Customer N Reseller Y Trade N

No matter what I tick under the availability/user groups for each category the trade and reseller always see the original (first) category… I cant seem to remove the thing from the people that are registered to Trade and Reseller! The Knowledge base is out of date too, so no joy there.

With the above set, it hides the main category but as soon as the new user joins the categories dissapear :frowning:

Is it possible to default all new customers to ‘Customer’ user group ?

Any help, appreciated!