"user Doesn't Have Enough Points" Error When Changing Order Status

I am getting an error, “user doesn’t have enough points” when trying to change a customers order to complete. I’ve attached a picture of the error message and of the user points in this specific order. I’m not sure why it would give this error?




This is a snapshot of the users points history - It this how it's supposed to behave?

[attachment=7666:user points history.PNG]

user points history.PNG

Any thoughts on this one?

According to your screenshot the customer used 515 points, and earned 5 points, for order 336755.

And it looks like they have another order 336762 that earned 515 points - you can't use those points to pay for that order until it is Complete.

At the top of the Customers Reward Points table is the total amount they have available - it's not included in your screenshot.

If you think the values in the table are incorrect, you can always Add Points to the customer's account to cover the difference.

I still don't understand this and now it's occurring with another order. I thought the points were automatic and I didn't have to worry about it, so why is this happening? I haven't changed any points manually so it doesn't make sense.

Changing the points doesn't fix anything - still gives the same error when I try to mark the order as complete.