"User carts" -what for is it?

There is in admin tool “User carts”. This is possible to see what people selected into carts - useful to see how many customers “escaped”, that something “frighten” them and they changed their mind.

Is their any way to use this information better and to improve sales?

I see that there are many “lost” sales, on some reasons customers did not make purchase. The reason may be:

1.Customers did not like terms (payment, shipping etc.)

2. Customers were confused by location of links “Checkout”, “My cart”. I suppose they should be more visible

3. I have AJAX(Javascript)-based “add to cart” button option to be on. Probably users do not see well what’s in the cart.

I know this is matter of usability but it is very important for sales. Personally I like the way how this made in Shop-Script (I used it before), shopping basket is in pop-up window and it appears each time when a customer add a product so each time a customer see two big button “Checkout” and “Continue shopping”.

I tried to put off AJAX “add to cart” but it was too awkward and bulky - when a customer click button “Continue shopping” page should be loaded again - too heavy.

Can you share you opinion on it?