Use Variables in WYSIWYG Editor

Hey folks

In Ultimate, I can share a page on 1+ sites.

So I create a generic 'Reward Points' page, with, for example:

“Our Company Name offer reward points…spend £x receive X points at Our Company Name online shop” etc

This page will be shared on all 4 of our sites within the Ultimate installation.

Each store obviously has a different name, so I would like to use some variables, for instance, the 'store name' variable to populate “Our Company Name” where the company name is referenced, instead of having 4 individual non-shared page which is specific to each site. I would imagine the code would be something like this:

{$company_name offer reward points..spend £X receive X points at $company_name online shop

Is this at all possible to use variables within the WYSIWYG editor? If so, how?




this is not posible in the WYSIWYG editor.

you can create a static template /block/static_template

and load the content in a Block :)

but for 4 shops is faster to write the 4 contents with the company name ;)