Use Payment Processor Several Times

Hi there,
I actually have a query regarding payment methods.
Is it actually possible to use the same processor several times (In my case I'm speaking of Stripe Connect)? The reason for it is that I have two bank accounts, one in EUR and another in GBP and I'd like to be able to use both of them to avoid paying conversion fees. What I want is:
1/ create two separate payment methods (PM) with the Stripe Connect processor (one PM linked to my EUR bank account and the other to my GBP bank account
2/ make sure that customer can only buy from one vendor at a time (I know some third parties addons do that)
3/ finally make sure that, based on the seller, the right PM appears at the checkout page. The other PM should be hidden/disabled.
Do you think all this is feasible?
Thanks in advance for your responses.