Use of if in

Hi there

I am trying to solve a problem I am having in v224 with an if statement.

I want to run a script on all pages except the cart and checkout pages. So I tried an if statement like {if $content == “cart” || $content == “checkout”} in the in the folder index but had no results.

I had that with an else statement again nothing. It s like it doesn’t take in count the if statement at all.

Is it content or control ? Am I missing something? Should I try another hook instead of main_content?

Please any ideas?


Well today out of the blue it works fine!

Although yesterday after countless cache cleans and trials with != (that's for not equal) and also && instead of || today I just loaded the page and it started working just fine…

Go figure.


Change $content to $controller

$content is usually the actual html page content

Hi tbimseth

Yes I actually did that also but forgot to write it.

Good call.


I also use very often $config.current_url smarty variable for the same purpose


{if $config.current_url!='index.php'}



Nice one Captain.

Never thought of that.

I ll say this post can be a nice sticky if we gather a few more ideas.


Should use a class, not embedded style. Bad practice.

Also, you should probably use

{if $controller == 'index'}

instead of $config.current_url since that would also include any http_path that is defined in config.local.php resulting in your test failing.