USA Military Addresses

I may be blind, but I cannot see if the latest version supports USA military addresses such as APO AE or APO AP in the state/city section of the user billing/shipping fields. Can anyone confirm if these are included or not in the latest version?

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I don’t believe there is. I had to manually add AE (Armed Forces Europe), AP (Armed Forces Pacific), and AA (Armed Forces Americas) to the database:

INSERT INTO `shop`.`cscart_states` (`state_id`, `country_code`, `code`, `avail`) VALUES (NULL, 'US', 'AE', 'Y'), (NULL, 'US', 'AP', 'Y'), (NULL, 'US', 'AA', 'Y');

paying attention to the IDs assigned (in my case, 285, 286, and 287, respectively).

INSERT INTO `shop`.`cscart_state_descriptions` (`state_id`, `lang_code`, `state`) VALUES ('285', 'EN', 'Armed Forces Europe'), ('286', 'EN', 'Armed Forces Pacific'), ('287', 'EN', 'Armed Forces Americas');

Change the IDs to match the IDs in the cscart_states, if needed.

Once this is done, they show up in the States dropdown (for US). “APO” goes as the city. If you’re using the built-in UPS or USPS shipping methods, they may not accept the “state” codes, and it will have to be shipped manually.