US Customer Checkout summary format Mod

I am not sure if I am allowed to post this though I have seen similar posts. Cs-Cart has quoted me on a mod to format the totals summary to a more appropriate easy to read layout for US Customers.

It will be on the following pages:

-the checkout page in the storefront

-the “order info” page in the backend

-the “invoice” page in the back-end/storefront

-the “cart” page

  1. The tax will not be included to the product prices and product subtotals field; taxes will only be displayed for each product separately(some items may or may not be taxed depending on your state).
  2. The “Grand Total” will be the sum of the subtotal(without taxes), shipping, and the taxes in the backend.





    Grand Total

    The mod will cost $116 and will take 2 days to complete.

    The current format is confusing for US customers and I doubt CS-cart will ever change it to make it easier for certain countries.

    If anyone else is interested we can bring the price down. Please reply or PM me.