Url To Product Features

I have been searching trying to find an answer to this, but so far no luck.

I would like to create a link to a certain product feature. For example I would like to have a link that lists all products that has "color" = "blue". What is the syntax for the url?

I know this is possible for brands: index.php?dispatch=product_features.view_all&filter_id=20

But how can I choose another feature/filter (like color) and a specific color like "blue"?


You should go to the front shop select filter and variant e.g "blue".Then you'll see a link like this


7 - this is id filter

66 - this is id variant feature

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes I know the url from the filter, but I cannot get it to work across the whole store. If I want to show ALL "blue" products across the store. I have seen this done before, but I cannot remember how :)

Something like: ".../index.php?dispatch=product_features.view_all&features_hash=21-171" but it does not work.

Try this:


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Perfect. :) Thank you!

Note that with our SEO Rules module you can specify SEO URLs for such pages :)

Tags may be better option in some cases.