URL rewrite addon


Ive got a problem I’m not sure how to resolve.

Basically, whats happened is when I originally did my categories I did them like this:


it was just easier for me to add the directories and products in this way. So i turned the SEO (requires Apache + mod_rewrite installed) on then installed my site to the web.

Then i went and renamed all the categories to the proper names, eg

Motors/15-25 watt/Induction/220-240 Volt etc…

But the problem is, while the name may have changed, the directories still follow the original path, so when i look in my Google webmaster tools my keywords are like “Series A”, “Motor”, “range” !!! which are pointless and useless keywords!!!

I tried uninstalling the mod and reinstalling and names are still the same, I tried updating the cache and even regenerating the url’s but everything I could think to try didn’t work and the names are still as they originally were

Im out of ideas and could use some advice and help!

Hope someone can help!

Any reason you don’t just “import” the SEO names you want for products?

For categories, you will have to either edit the Addons/SEO Name for each category or edit the database (table name _seo_names) and search for type ‘c’ and then change the names to what you want. You might find it easier to export the "type c’ records to a spreadsheet and then make your changes there and then re-import the spreadsheet.