URL: http://production.shippingapis.com/


i just upgraded to 2.2.4. I see many of these requests (the actual request is much longer) in the Admin Log. Never saw before, unless a customer was shipping using real time Shipping. All my domestic shipping is using tables, and not real time.

It seems that just going to the cart is generating these requests even before selecting a shipping method. The methods available when I see this are not real time shipping methods.

Is this something new? I just upgraded from 2.1.3. Now the logs are many times larger.

Many of the requests end with: “Missing value for ZipDestination”. Of couse it would be missing. There is no need to enter in the shipping methods I use.



Bob check this message and see if this helps:

[url=“Cart EXTREMELY SLOW when retrieving Live Rates - Issues & Troubleshooting - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Cart EXTREMELY SLOW when retrieving Live Rates - Issues & Troubleshooting - CS-Cart Community Forums

There was a test/debugging code word left in the 2.2.4 release and for me it was making the cart run very slow and pulling live rates very slow.

-Tim H.

When one goes to the checkout.cart page, shipping rates are calculated (whether based on realtime or manual) and are done based on the Default Address. Same with tax and discount/promotion computation.


I see that. If you refresh the cart page, multiple requests go out. I just did not seen observe this as much in 2.1.3. I thought it was happening when someone clicked get rates, but it happens just by going to cart.



Not really clear why they do this other than to show default shipping (but who's address matches 'default'?). But it's done it that way for as long as I've been looking at the code (2.0.1).

I don't like the way this shipping estimator works at all. If you are logged in, it should use your account address and automatically show all your rate options when you go to the cart page. The way this thing clicks and expands and then shrinks again is really clunky. I'd prefere if it at least stayed expanded the entire time…and worked faster, of course. It's on a new dedicated wiredtree server now and it's slower than my 6 year old dedicated on westhost using oscommerce. It just doesn't seem right.