Url For Cloned Items Contains -Clone Even After Renaming Product

Only just noticed this now but for similar items in my store where I have used the clone product option and then changed a few details and pictures the url that has been generated for that product contains -clone at the end.

I would have thought that it should change to whatever the product name is called which I did rename and move the -clone part from in the admin panel.

It's not a huge issue as the pages obviously load but I'm trying to make my store look as professional as possible and it bugs me.

I went into the SEO part of the product listing which shows the -clone at the end. If I delete that it then gives an option to create a url re-direct. This still isn't fixing the actual issue of the url being incorrect though.

Anyone got any thoughts?


Seems the re-direct option does actually fix it. I miss-understood how it works. It seems that it does change the url in the SEO section and the re-direct is just for anyone using the old url to get to the new one.

All good now :grin: