URL canonical... Cs-cart needed??


I red today it :


It’s to avoid duplicate content…

I don’t now if we need to use it for a products in 2 different categories…

Is it duplicate content with HTML catalog and Dynamical page?

Thanks to discuss with me about it.

So no idea about it??

Duplicate content for same product in 2 different categorie?


I suppose there is a bit of duplicate content there in the product list page but you are directed to the main category page that you set in the admin area. All secondary categories will point to that main category.

You can try it out.

Put a product in category A (main) and category B (secondary) and click on that product from within category B and you will see the URL as:


Cscart keeps the URL with the main category. If you have it as a secondary, it will not change the url. If you want to have 2 identical products created, you will have a duplicate content issue. Fortunately, cscartrocks.com has a great addon that will fix this problem.