Urgent: Unknown Error

Hey guys,

Ive been wondering whats going on with this. Everytime i try to login to the admin area or through the website quick login,

i keep getting this [url]http://server1.earnershost.com/~teve21co/admin.php[/url]

Did you check the three checkboxes for “Enable secure connection in…” at the top in General Settings? If so, do you have an SSL certificate installed for your site? Finally, do you have your secure site properly specified at lines 53 and 54 in config.php?


Okay, now that i am back id like to get this resolved. I am not sure what to do but as far as everything goes, everything was fine before until now.

Could it be my host? And Bob, which Genreal Settings? How do i get to theme if i cannot login?

Have you rechecked your config.php file to be certain it is set up properly?

Since you say it was working (and I am guessing you have made no changes), I would contact your host to see if they have implemented any “helpful” changes recently.