URGENT not work on ONLY IE 8


i have big problem. when i works at IE8 some of category has problem .

it’s just show me white. i have main category a,b,c,d,e

when i move to c from a and c page loading is done but still on a on screen.

sometimes show me white . but i can click product of c page. that is starange.

some people said they computer no problem at all on IE8 …some people said

there are problem same with me … some people siad “”" very slow"" on ie8

-------cs-cart said ""most of problem could be firewall “” but this is nonsense

if it firewall problem, then must be works nothing. but it works. just problem on screen ""product template,etc. i can click it . only can not see.

why this happen?

someone has answer?

please give to me your tip please

-------file i tested it cs-cart.com live demo and mysite