Urgent Help Needed!: Error message from smarty


something just went wrong with my cart: all addons are not working right and i get error messages like this one:

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: “addons/send_to_friend/hooks/products/tabs_block.post.tpl” in /home/karmakis/public_html/lib/templater/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

for each addon related feature on my site.

I disabled almost all the addons on my site and it helped to eliminate some of the error messages but this is not a solution…

Can any one HELP???


Double check your folder permissions for Addons and its subdirectories

Thanks. All is 775 (on the server). Still not good. Any other suggestions?

I checked my local directories and I don’t have a “hooks” folder. What version are you running? I’m 2.0.8

I think i am running 2.0.9. Dont know how to check this.

I dont have a “hooks” folder as well. dont know where it came from.

This is very strange. the website worked at 12pm and then 2pm the problem started without me changing anything…

Dont know what to do…

I do have the hooks folder.

It is in skins/your-skin/customer/addons/send_to_friend/

There you should see:


I have attached the file if it helps.

I know you said you turned off some of your addons, but did you turn off you send to friend addon?




This is very strange, since i dont have an “Addons” folder under skins/your-skin/customer/

My addon folder is in the root. could that be the problem?

I attach some prtscrns for your review:




It looks like addons have core files (in the root folder) and then template files (in the skins folder) … u should have both

Just took a look at an older backup i had and saw that i used to have Addons folder under the skins/your-skin/customer/ folder. copied the old addons folder to the skins/your-skin/customer/ folder and now most work!

This is the strangest thing ever.

Do you think i got hacked?

Please check your new code.