Urgent help! Date!

Really need some help please!

I'm running an old version of cs-cart (1.3.4-sp3) due to the custom design template I'm using.

I've just noticed that my discount code range goes from 2005 to 2011, but no further, which worries me that not only will I not be able to set discount codes in the new year, but also orders will fail too.

Does anyone know where the date option can be edited, and whether in the meantime it will affect customers being able to order?

You will find the solution towards the end of this post - Dates in Version 1.3 - v1.x Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums.

It will auto adjust to 2012

Thanks for your help Lyn, sadly though I don't have a common_templates/period_selector.tpl file. I did find similar in the reports.tpl but on adding the +3 code in the right place, it made no difference.

What I did manage to do however was change the timestamp of one discount code through myphp which for some reason kicked my admin panel into life and now gives me the option of 2012 and 2013.