**URGENT** Downloads issue

Hi all

I have a bit of an issue that I hope is an error my end and not a bug. My problem is that a customer buys a downloadable product and then goes back to his account to download it. The problem is two-fold…

First there is nothing in the ‘My account’ - downloads. Second is that the download link under ‘Orders’ reverts back to ‘My account’ – downloads that both say ‘Your downloads list is empty’?

Can anyone replicate this issue or point me in the right direction.



When you adding the product there is a option on Extra " Downloadable " you need to enable for making a product downloadable. After than just upload the file through “files”, once the order was processed client will automtically get the download link on their email id or order page.

Thanks for your reply.

Found the issue it was, it was in Editing product – Files that was disabled, which is odd as it was enabled before I downloaded and re-uploaded that database.

Anyhow fixed now. :grin:

Ok I’m scratching my head here somewhat.

If you select downloadable goods and upload them why is it that the file tab shows up under ‘Tabs’ on the item description? With this showing it enables the customer to download the goods without paying?

However, disabling this will result in the ‘Files’ Tab not showing however the customer will be unable to download the goods.

Am I missing something?

You need to upload the files from “Files” Tab but remember upload only zip file.

Nope, once the order was processed download link was automatically active on customer download area and they will download the file from their. If the order was open or other status except completed than the file was inactive and customer can’t download the file from download area.

I think we may be getting confused.

I have uploaded the files correctly as you have stated, my question is this, why is the download link visable to customers in the “Tabs” under “Files”

The work around would be to disable the tab, but doing this disables the ability for the cusomer to download the item in the order page.

See it for yourself at this link [URL=“http://www.demontemplates.com/cubecart-v4-templates/cubecarttemplate-v4-arundel.html”]http://www.demontemplates.com/cubecart-v4-templates/cubecarttemplate-v4-arundel.html[/URL] or see the below image


Have tried to replicate this issue.

The only thing we can think to ask is… have you selected the “Activation Mode” - “After Full Payment”?


[quote name=‘BarryH’]HI

Have tried to replicate this issue.

The only thing we can think to ask is… have you selected the “Activation Mode” - “After Full Payment”?


Yes i think so you right because there is 3 options after payment, immediately or open download. Demon just choose “After Full Payment”

Nope I have it “After Full Payment” but still have ther same issue

Did you figure out a solution to this problem? (getting rid of the download link in the files tab on the product details page)

I imported products and the link appears there. The link doesn’t open the actual file, however. If you try to open or save it, you get a file with a filename equal to the product ID and no extension. It is a blank file as far as I can tell.

I figured out what is going on. It lists the file size for the main file, but the link is to the preview. I didn’t have any preview files configured so it was linking to a blank file. If I upload a sample file, it links to that.

I wonder if there is a way to disable the link if there is no preview…

I am having the exact same problem, just discovered it today.

If I go to the full description page, on about 50% of my products it is showing the files tab as well as the description, tags, and send to friend tabs.

I am almost postive this just happened, and was not happening after I first added the products and the download files for each product.

I figured out that if I edit each product, delete the file, and then add it back, the file tab is no longer visible. Not sure if that is curing all of the problem though.

This is a real pain having to go in and delete and re-add a huge amount of download files.

This appears to be a bug in 2.6 to me, so hope someone finds a fix.


Using 2.0.6

I looked in the database, and products where the preview path is “null” are OK, but the ones that have no entry in preview path are the ones that show the files tab on the description page.

I did not setup preview files, not even sure what that is, so these entries in database got changed by cs-cart, not by me.


Thanks Zeke for your response


Though it would be nice to know when the 2.0.7 update is coming?

I can confirm this was fixed in 2.0.7 :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘ogia’]I can confirm this was fixed in 2.0.7 :)[/QUOTE]

I agree - I have noticed that they added a trim routine to remove excess white space in several places - this was causing issues with importing, as there were fields that were getting filled with whitespace that should have been null… Thanks for the repairs CS Team…