Urgent : Alternate Login

Hi All,

I am developer and trying to alter the code of CS Cart. Our main requirement is to over ride the login process of CS Cart.

User will do the login in our separate system and when he moves to CS Cart we have to do the login force fully on CS Cart.

Or Cart provides any OpenID, or LDAP login process to do the login.

If any one is having idea how to accomplish that please please reply this thread.

Thanks in Advance

Hi All,

Any of the senior member please help me out. I have studied the code very well but didn’t get any place where I can put my login code.

Its a very urgent to override the login of CS Cart. Please give me solution if any one is having the solution for it.

Thanks in Advance

contact cs-cart helpdesk, they will be able to provide the information you need, Thanks - Sno

Can i ask what your using this for?

Is it to use cXML Supplier Punchout? I have a client which uses Oracle and have asked if this is possible with CS-Cart. I’m waiting for v2.0 stable before trying this, there arn’t many cart which support this out of the box.

Hi All,

Thanks for your kind replies. We are developing a site using Joomla + CS Cart.

The Community part of the site is handled by Joomla and Business part is handled by CS Cart.

Previously we have made the changes in the core code of both the scripts and synchronized the login and registration. But due to this we are not able to upgrade any of the system.

So Now we are trying to Create a intermediate login system that will handle the login procedures for both the system without altering the core code…

Joomla provide alternate login from LDAP, OpenID etc.

Is it any procedure in CS Cart to do the same with altering the Core code.

Thanks in Advance.