Urgent: Admin Tabs - links not working

For some inexplicable reason the admin tab links are no longer working (with the exception of the home tab).

I am working 2.1.4 and this has been running for over a year now without any issues. One day it worked fine the next - nada.

Most appreciative of any help and indicators as to where to look to find/resolve the problem.

Many tks.

First If you have not done any changes I recommend you to talk to your hosting company to see if they did any upgrades to your server and then go from there.

Yes have done that one already… Apparently no major work has been carried out - but they are checking further for me.

There had been no major changes and am still having the problem.

Confirm your PHP version requirements. See if they upgraded.

PHP version 5.2.17 is what is installed - recent upgrade has been CentOS 5.10 . though this was after the issues started happening.