UPS Tracking Import

We have seen other top shopping cart programs that have the ability to import customer UPS tracking numbers for the customers to view after logging in to there account. UPS WorldShip will export order ID and tracking numbers very easily to a mdb format. It would be nice to see CS-Cart to be able to import this information. Who is going to type the tracking numbers in with the current setup for high volume sites? Not us.

We ship way to many orders to have to cut and past the tracking numbers manually. This seems like a simple task that may have been forgotten.

I agree this is very important if a store is doing any significant volume and should be a high priority.

Just want to add my agreement to this. This would be very beneficial, if there was a way to easily do it.

We have been going back and forth with CS-Cart quote managers to get a mod written that would allow us to import a basic .csv file of tracking numbers that we could create from various sources such as UPS Worldship and The idea is to keep it generic enough to allow folks to just be able to export the order numbers and tracking numbers from their shipping manager(s) and then import them into CS-Cart.

Here is the basic premise we are trying to accomplish:

  1. We ship orders in UPS Worldship or and then export out the order number and tracking number.
  2. We import in the same file which would then mark the order “completed” or shipped and add a ship date (which is not currently in CS-Cart).

    This would then streamline the shipping/tracking number process so we don’t have to enter tracking numbers 1 at a time!

    They have quoted me $390 to create this mode. If anyone is interested in helping pay for this mode please PM me and I can send you a copy of the PDF they have created explaining the details of the mode.

    The biggest problem I have had with them so far is they want me to pay the money up front before we even go on the “list!” This wouldn’t be bad if they weren’t telling me there was a 42 day waiting list JUST TO GET STARTED. It really would be better also if they just put me on the list and then asked for the money when it got closer…but to pay and then wait? Anyway…:confused:

    So if anyone is really interested in this mode please let me know via PM.



    Here are a few of our sites so far…

    If you would like to donate towards getting the “Shipping Import” feature we are excepting donations via Paypal at

We have not heard from anyone on this. Does anyone else need a mode like this? If so, please either pm me or post.



Sorry Clips, I missed this … guess I somehow unsubscribed from the thread.

Not sure I’d be comfortable with the up front cash just to get in line issue either, but may have to face that soon with some changes I’m considering.

I like the thought, but I don’t know that it fits my needs right now. I’ll look at it a closer when my head is a little clearer and get back to you if it looks like it fits my needs.

Right now we are in a holding mode as we were trying to work out issues we are having with the cart being on a Windows server. We have painfully realized that CS-Cart appears to just not be a good idea for a Windows server at this point.

We will get back to this posting when we are back on track to move forward.

Sorry for the delay.


The delays in launching out site (at were given a small reward when we ran accross a solution for the UPS automation. We found a post somewhere in this forum with someone talking about and decided to look in to it. I’m not for sure if we were one of their first customers, but after mentioning a few things they left out, they quickly corrected them and the UPS Shipping Kit for CS-Cart works AWESOME!

So there is no need for us to get the mode written. Shipping Kit took care of it for a lower price. We would strongly recommend them to anyone wanting to easily print UPS labels and easily track the info with CS. I believe they had a mode for Fedex too. I hope they do one for USPS soon.

It has now been a few weeks using the shippingkit software and it works like a charm. We have ran in to a couple of “errors” but the support team at shippingkit quickly fix the issue usually by the next morning.

I’ve been waiting on a shipping kit for USPS but still haven’t seen anything. Meanwhile, I’ve been quoted $105 by cscart developers to import a .txt or .cvs file with tracking numbers, if anyone is interested.

Shippingkit told us the new script for USPS should be released in Sept of this year. Cross your fingers! It sure would help shipping flow smoother during the busy season.

We did get to use the mod that created for USPS back in 4th quarter, 2008. It was not out to general public, but gave them a chance to test. While it worked to print labels, it did not print postage on the labels like we were looking for. I believe they are working to create the mod to work with or Endicia so you can print labels with postage.