UPS Shipping Quote, without Access Key

I’m working on a CS-Cart install (2.0.12) for which the client has opted not to integrate directly with UPS, but still wants to get UPS quotes for local and international rates.

Is there a way in CS-Cart to enable UPS shipping calculation WITHOUT tying directly to a UPS account (via an Access Key)? If I don’t enter the user/pass and Access Key in CS-Cart shipping settings, if I try to test a UPS shipping method I get “Error: The XML document is well formed but the document is not valid ().”

I know that Interspire has a feature like this that works okay, but they don’t have all the features I need.

I found an article for a very basic UPS quote mechanism using PHP: [ [url][/url] ]. I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there willing to add this to CS-Cart, or if we could make the UPS Access Key an optional value?