UPS Shipping Integration (more than realtime calc)

Hello all :slight_smile:

I am wondering to what degree cs-cart integrations with online providers like UPS.

Can shipments be logged in your UPS account automatically? (daily pickup)

Can the tracking numbers be automatically inserted to each order from the UPS account?

If we’re talking about a high volume store, integration is key to being able to process hundreds of orders per day.

Pasting in tracking numbers for each individual shipment seems unnecessary with proper UPS integration… but is this possible with CS-Cart?

Thanks in advance to all you gurus :smiley:

Not within the cart itself. Checkout for your other needs.

hmm interesting… really wish there was a demo of it on that site. hard to buy when you don’t get a good feel on how it works… not even any screenshots or a video that demos how it works…