UPS negotiated rates

I have verified with UPS that my account is enabled for them and that the API tool is successful,

I have verified that i have the passwords correct, my account number and the user name correct.

i have the use rates checked.

Rates are coming up as the none negotiated rates.

Anybody have any suggestions on what next?

(just moving from interspire and loving the cart but having some serious issues with the UPS system)

Thank you

Greg Laver

I am CS-Cart 3.x.x

Maybe this helps? [url=“UPS Negotiated Rates - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums”]UPS Negotiated Rates - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

I am having the same issue Greg. Flow, I went through that old post you listed and checked the ups.php code and it looks like on the current api version we have the guys/girls at CS-CART did modify the code with the recommendations.

Where (folder) do I see the xml logs being sent and received by UPS?

Just tested it and this did not fix my issue, same as Rob above it was already changed to be that,

I would like to note that i am using UPS from Canada, shipping to Canadian Addresses.

Greg Laver