UPS is not showing as a shipping option


I am setting up a store. Beside others, I am trying UPS as a shipping option in the shopping cart. I have registered with UPS, have enabled “Enable UPS” on Main and have entered UPS Rates Access key along with username, password and rest of the fields under “Settings: Shipping Settings”.

In “Shipping methods”, i have enabled UPS 3 day select and under Editing Shipping method have selected Rate Calculation = Real time and after entering some weight and clicking test, have gotten the value from UPS as well. But …

when i go to checkout, this UPS 3 day select is not showing up as an option in my shopping cart. As a matter of fact no matter how many methods i define in Shipping/taxes tab with UPS Rate Calculation = Real time option ticked its not showing up. If I use Rate Calculation= Manual and then configure the locations then this option shows up in the shopping cart but not with Realtime. Working on the issue for the past two days and need help please !!



Shopping cart version 2.0.6

Do your products have weights assigned? If you are using the Suppliers or Localization add-ons, you will need to make sure that these are set in the shipping method.



Thanks for responding, i appreciate your help. I have assigned weights to the products and i am not using supplier or localization add-ons as well.

I think the problem was that I added test value 10 in width, height and length on UPS configuration page and then i selected Package type as UPS Pak. Now when i was playing around i changed the value of Package type to “Package” it started working fine. I am not sure if that was the only reason since i changed lots of other things but that’s the only apparent change i can put the finger on.

Thanks again,


That is the reason. It uses those dimensions to determine if the packaging is applicable and 10" is too thick.


Thanks for helping.