UPS / FEDEX / STAMPS.COM Integration

I am trying to setup one/all of the above mentioned shipping software. They can all use ODBC to integrate directly into the DB of CS-Cart. I am running into the issue of posting the tracking code back to the DB. I was wondering if anyone has had expierence in putting these together.

I have been using but they have quit responding to any emails for the last three weeks and I cannot have by business dependent on a company who doesn't want to help their customers.



I bought the Fedex Module from them at the beginning of February. They admit their module doesn't work and keep promising the cert will be completed in a few days. Wouldn't buy from them again. They only respond to my tickets when I submit it over and over again.

We have had pretty good response times from shippingkit in the past. Of late we have stopped using their mods because they either do not meet our needs or they do not work properly.


I believe we had to disable multiple shipments in order to get shippingkit to work. We just do not use it anymore.

We have tried over and over again to get the USPS mod to work, but we are unable to get it to print on a zebra printer. It did post the tracking number fine.

Once we got the Fedex mod working, it worked wonderful. The main problem with it was we needed it to work with the smartpost system from Fedex and it does not.

The UPS mod has worked best for us overall. It printed fine, posted fine and worked fine.

Currently we stopped using all of the mods because they just did not meet our needs. The primary thing we needed was a better method to be able to quickly “quote” between maybe UPS and USPS in order to get the best pricing. Shippingkit said they would not allow it to give us a quote before we purchased the postage or shipping because it was against UPS rules.

For right now we just use a combination of, dazzle and the internal UPS shipping within Quickbooks. It is not very fast, but it is getting us through.

We have been using the Fedex mod from for a year or two and it worked fine until a month ago. They did acknowledge the error is on them, but they can't fix it and don't respond to my tickets anymore.

I need it to print fedex shipping labels which we can't currently do. Anyone know of a solution or alternative option?

There are some other 3rd party programs. Here are a couple of them and our experience so far…

  1. SHIPRUSH - Free to use for Fedex shipping - - says it will work with CS, but as of last November it did not work properly yet. You also have to use their online system that post back to your site (ebay or whatever) every 10-15 minutes and causes problems. The fact that I have to connect to their site to connect to any other site just seemed tedious and annoying to me.
  2. TRUESHIP - cost $20 a month, tried the demo, it worked pretty good. It does not have an addon for CS so it is a little more tedious. It did work with Quickbooks (with another add on for $30) so it was not too bad, well other than the fact that they wanted to soak another monthly payment out of you. It would post back in to QBs, but not a good way to get the tracking number back in you CS shopping cart. We use to import the CS orders in to QBs in the first place.

    I know that Atranda and Webgility have solutions too, but they just were not within our price range. Primarily because we have lots of places we do a little bit of business with and both of these want to charge big bucks to be able to use more than one site.

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