Ups Calculations Wrong

We are having a major issue with UPS calculations. I have tried everything i can think of, including recreating the shipping method, entering box dimensions and weights, leaving them blank, getting a new ups #,everything. I need help!

The calculations are coming out 2 to 3 times what they should be.

Make sure you're comparing apples/apples. UPS has your rate and then a retail rate. You can configure UPS to use either rate in its response if I remember correctly (or it could be an option in the payment method configuration tab, I don't recall).

If you mean the "negotiated rate" in the configuration tab, we tried that. I cannot figure out what is missing. We've tried all kinds of settings and the shipping always comes out double to triple what it should be. Help!

There are many things that contribute to shipping charges. Weights, sizes, locations not only in product details but also in the shipping method settings.

We cannot see these things so we can't help much.

One thing you can do is to look at the Administration/Logs for the UPS requests/responses and see if the weight and dimensions of the REQUEST match what you have setup for the product. You should also review the other properties being set. Then review the RESPONSE and see if it matches with what's being displayed as the shipping charge.

Thanks Tony, checking that now.

This is a NEW problem on a long existing site. So, all was fine, and now it's not. May have been related to an update but it wasn't noticed right away so not sure.