upon clicking checkout goto cart

Hello i want when some one hits checkout it goes to the cart first so the user can see the item before they purchase

or if possable they can see the itme on the right hand sidepage when in the checkout with a small pciture

i tried editing product_notification to checkout.cart it dosnt work

i have the latest version

The ability to see what’s in your cart and to update quantities and options has been removed from the checkout page in 2.1.x. It seems that it is now preferred to leave the checkout page to update items already in the cart or to even see what you’re buying. Per cs-cart, it’s “working as designed”.

changing product_notification.tpl to href=“checkout.cart” should have worked. You might have to look at buttons/checkout.tpl to see if it is in fact honoring the href being passed.

did you make sure to clear the cache and put your shop into “development mode” ?

buttons/checkout.tpl is honoring that change as I had no issues.