Uploading new product codes?

Many of our suppliers are slippery little devils and often update their product codes.

we started using thier codes to track our products when we started out but this has become unworkable and we want to assign our own code to each product and use the search words to enable us to use historical codes… however

how the hell do I upload the new product codes as this is clearly the key field that cs-cart uses for the inventory itself…

:confused: :confused: cheers

ok - downloaded all our products from our live site

uploaded to a spanky new 2.0.14 test site on my local pc, which works just dandy ecpect for one problem

any products with an option combination to track stock (using tracking with options) and separate products codes it not exported so cannot be imported…

anyone overcome this is or is this one for the bug tracker?

What did you do?

I can see this being a concern of mine going forward.

I’m dead in the water unless I want to go through all the products with option combinations individually which is gonna be a massive job… :-?

process so far:

export every product with every field available

import the updated file

product combinations missing…

when i reveiw the .csv file the product code is empty where there is a product combination used - but on the site it correctly displays the product code used in the combination (and updates when another option is selected)

So the information is being stored somewhere but its not being included in the export