Uploading multiple images via zip file

The way the current CS-Cart system works for handling the upload of multiple images is not efficient enough for us. For a lot of our products, we have to upload 15-20 images at a time and doing it the way that CS-Cart currently handles multiple images takes too long. I am looking for a way to easily upload a zip file with all the images for each product and then the system will automatically unzip it and generate the necessary thumbnails.

Is there currently a module out there that does this or is anyone interested in developing it for us? Obviously the module needs to be upgrade proof so that future upgrades of CS-Cart will not break it or the software itself.

Are you talking about additional images for the main product, if so just upload the zip file and extract it to a directory somewhere then import a .csv file of the image filepaths with image type marked as. A

Just import the detailed image tab and cs will generate the thumb

If you want to see a sample of the file, export an image .csv of a product that has additional images already