Uploading more than one Image via CSV

I created a test product manually, adding 2 other pics to the main pic.

I wanted to see how CS cart handled additional images when doing an import/export.

After exporting the product to a CSV, I only saw a reference to the primary pic (under the heading of “image URL”).

This leads me to wonder, is it even possible to import more than one picture per product via a CSV file?

If it is possible, how can it be done?


admin>import images

additional image are marked as Pair type “a” main images are marked “m”


Code . Image type . Detailed Image

12345 .A . http://www.pathtoyourimage dot whatever

12345 .A .http://www.pathtoyoursecondimage dot whatever

Thanks John,

I'll play around with this later. I see no reason why I just can't add the few additional fields to my already burgeoning spreadsheet (to keep things organized) and just do a second import under “import images”

I think it'll ignore all of the fields that I use during a normal product import and just grab the few entities that are pertinent to images… do you agree?

I see your idea but it wont work that way, cos if you need 5 images for one product you need 5 rows of the same product code in your spreadsheet with a different image link for each image. this wont match with your products sheet .


Oh, I see. Well, for this particular batch, I think it would work as each product only has 1 additional pic.

I'm surprised that they don't let us do the import with all the extra pics on one line, with a /// separator between each one.

Thanks for your insight John!

Ive exported a file a nd have 3 Pair Types “A”, “D” and “M”

What does Pair Type “D” refer to?