Upload text link very strange

Apologies if I’m not posting in the correct forum.

I have an issue with the Upload image link on my site when viewed on WIndows 7 and Internet explorer 8.

Basically the ‘upload’ text link isn’t appearing as it should. The text looks broken or covered with a box!!! very strange Please see link


Any advice would be appreciated

Have you tried to find out if the error appears because something is wrong with ie.css?

me too but didnt get round to checking the css but will do.



Sorry Triplex I’m not sure what you mean

“Have you tried to find out if the error appears”

Apologies for my lack of understanding, I am very new to this and am self teaching myself CS cart.


Hi Triplex

Sorry But I don’t know what you mean by

“Have you tried to find out if the error appears”?

I am very new to this so apologies for the ignorance.

He means check the css file called “i.e .css” this is a stylesheet for internet explorer only.


Thanks John

I don’t suppose there is anything specific I’m looking for?

I mean in each template folder it has a template folder a css for internet explorer with some details css for internet explorer only.


i cant change your css and cant look exactly what is the failure. But one tip from me. If you are do all the changes for the design download and install at firefox developer toolbar, its great for people who have no knowledge about css and so on. I have not knowledge and i am not a coder and it helps me.

Look at the css files (all files) for the “upload-file-local” and try something out. The color is “F0F0F0” what is at the front from “upload file”