Upload product video

Hi Raymond,

I’m and Aussie like yourself :smiley:

I have not integrated bpay into my cart, unfortunately Bpay don’t seem to regard my emails as beneficial to their system. No idea why but short answer is no…

I’ve never used the file upload facility however it should only take a few tweaks to steam into a flash presentation or windows media player window.

Is it possible to stream video on the detail page or not? because I’m trying to paste in a code calling a video (.wmv) located on my server and even though it works locally it won’t work remotely.

So I’m wondering if CS-Cart strips the possibility to have a video playing on the site…

Has anyone else tried to embed a video?


Something like this?


It’s flash based, but I see no reason why it should not work on your file.

after much trial and error, we got it working. the reason I had posted the question is because we have used a couple of codes that did work locally, but not on the site, therefore we thought there were some conflicts between cscart and the video.

It could be that the video extension we used is a bit tricky too (.wmv). Even though we got it working I’m thinking to use other video extensions in the future…

Thanks for the thought argentice

how is it made such a mod or code to put in and where?

I also would like to use it on some products …

@argentice it looks great m8 even if it`s in flash!