Upload File Size for downloadable product on CS-Cart v. 3.0.2

We are prepping to sale ebooks both in .mobi and .epub formats, DRM, on a project due to launch soon. When uploading the file, we recieve an error / that only files up to 2mb are allowed. The books are sometimes large and create files of 8mb +. We have looked everywhere in the user documentation and forums, but are unable to locate the area in which the file size max can be callibrated. Perhaps we are missing it due to the fact this is the first eBook type of project on the platform and have a learning curve.

Thank you for any insight that can be provided, we are due to launch next Friday and have over 50 books to load…

Please disregard this request, as solving our issue with invalid backend configurtion fix provided this morning, from another wonderful post on this forum:

We now have access to the server, which allows us to bypass the 2mb limit we were struggling with, due to this needed repair below, which also works for cs-cart v 3.0.2. Thanks. http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/25653-invalid-backend-configuration/page__gopid__145311#entry145311 For error: Invalid Configuration In the following file: lib/js/elfinder/connectors/php/elFinder.class.php around line 26, change: 'mimeDetect' => 'auto' to: 'mimeDetect' => 'internal'

I did the suggested change:


around line 26, change:

'mimeDetect' => 'auto'


'mimeDetect' => 'internal'[/size]

But still can not upload 2MB+ files.

I appreciate any adittional tip.