Upgrading to 4 from 2.1.2

Can anyone tell me, what does this cost, including install?

What will I really gain?

Thank you

I think you would need to look at the new features and weigh it up for yourself. I would hold off until there is a relatively stable bug free version of CSC4 though.

For myself, I plan to upgrade to 4 as it makes use of the REST API, plus there is a promise of a responsive layout coming. I'm currently on 2.2.5, but I'm prepared to wait as long as it takes for a stable version of 4 before i jump.

As to cost, it really depends on how much you can do yourself. There is a store import tool promised in August that should ease the migration of data.

I am going to do what Scott_C is doing, waiting for later version. (I have 2.2.4 Pro) I am using the free trial version of 4.01 to see how it works. I have seen that cs-cart will provide an upgrade from 3.x and 2.2.4 and 2.2.5. Not clear as to whither it will include migration utility back to 2.1.2. Maybe someone in the forum would know. If the import tool does not go back to 2.1.x versions, you may want to assess whether you should go to a version supported by the import tool first

I also feel that cs-cart should have had a white paper or even a power point presentation indicating the new features of 4.x and what someone may loose trying to migrate to 4.x from 3.x and 2.2.x versions. I know I lost my product exceptions and custom product tabs when trying go to 3.04 ( never did complete this). People should know what to expect so yo can prepare for it.

Where i work, we deploy enterprise computer systems applications and one of the prerequisites in the change control is to have documentation and training BEFORE we go live. This includes a gap analysis between versions. I don't see anything like this when new cs-cart versions come out, except some documentation directed towards web developers.


I came looking for this exact topic. I want to stay current and decided to wait for 3.x developments and now before I realized it, they're on version 4.x

I hope a clear upgrade path from 2.2.5 is made available for those of us who hadn't made the jump to v3 yet.