Upgrading New New Version Issue With Database

My programmer is having a problem trying to get database to upload (it's approx. 2.5gb) but because it is taking longer than 30 minutes, it always times out. I have asked host about this and they do not seem to be of much help, and do not want to increase that time limit.

Can any suggest better ideas?

This is the error my programmer says is happening…

[size=3]It's complicated to do that correctly on local computer. If there are just download and upload tasks, I will ask for your kind help. I have performed the store import some times and found that it will always stopped at 'Updating data' if you see the log at last line(log number is different so it's less likely a time limit problem). I have turned on the error report and debug mode, however there is no error message. Could you forward this info to cs-cart helpdesk? It might be a problem in the store import addon on the host. At the same time I will prepare the upgrade on the local computer and if none of them can not help, we still have a backup solution[/size]

Also the host I am using has 100mb connectivity and pure SSD storage, so it cannot be issue with server time ,but a programming issue?

Please ask your programmer to try upload your database via SSH.

doing it the old way I guess