Upgrading + Moving Servers

So I am still way back on 4.1.2. I am looking to finally do something with the site again. I am going to move hosts as well, and would like to renew my license and go up to the newest version out. Is there an upgrade tool or anything I need to move my entire storefront to another server and update to the newest version from 4.1.2? Thanks

if you got custom skin it will still need to be re built from scratch I guess.

Regarding upgrade I would simply backup db. Create fresh install 4.1.2 on new server, restore backup from old site, go with upgrade to latest version without installing any addons or doing changes.

It will take much of the time and you will deal with lots of problems :) I've done from 4.8.1 and it was a pain, I guess maybe you better of with hiring someone to do this..