Upgrading - just a quick question

Hi guys,

I need to run CS Cart through an upgrade from 2.0.4 to 2.0.14. I’ve modified CS Cart along the way and made major changes to the /basic/ skin. I’m a bit concerned that updating the software will overwrite some changes that I’ve made - since I’ve not used hooks etc.

What is the likelihood that upgrading will affect the functionality of my site?

You have to go through 10 upgrades, most likely you will lose everything, have fun redesigning your site - Sno

Been there, done that…not fun.

Most likely I will lose everything? Is this true?

Surely most of the upgrades are to the core files, they shouldn’t have upgrades that modify or overwrite the existing skin files.

I don’t want to start upgrading and find out it’s too late and lose my changes forever. Is there any way to upgrade with caution? a backup, or, or something?

Back up your skin before upgrading. If you have any modifications in other files they will be lost.

IMHO I would only back up to 2.0.12 at this time.

I recieved a message from the CS Cart support team:

[quote]At first, the upgrade center checks if the default files coincide with the respective files of the current version. If the file have been modified, the system replaces the modified files with the default files, but it also marks them as conflicting. If the files have never been modified, the system silently replaces them with new files.

You can review the difference between the files by clicking on the “Changes” link in the “installed upgrades” section of the “Upgrade Center” page in your administration panel.

So you can check which files were changed by the upgrade process and restore your modifications.


Sounds like the process of upgrading is less taxing than you guys are suggesting?

What is the truth?

It is all the truth. The upgrade center will tell you which files are different. Chances are the files will have changed so you’ll have to fix them. It can be pretty time consuming if you have made a lot of modifications.

Why don’t you install the site in a test directory and upgrade that? Then you will see how much work needs to be done without risking anything with your live store.

Here are a couple of reliable links of ways that people use to successfully upgrade. Hope they can be of some use…



Just be sure to educate yourself before taking on this task and ask questions or have someone upgrade for you. Several very reliable people here that I’m sure would be more than willing.