Upgrading 2.0.6 - No Upgrades Available


I'm having difficulty upgrading my version of CS-Cart 2.0.6. I've gone through all the steps through the FAQ on “How to Upgrade through the Upgrade Center.” When I enter all the information under the “Settings” in the Upgrade Center and then “Refresh Packages List,” it does not give me a list of available packages. It says “no upgrades are currently available.”

I made sure every field was filled out correctly, the license number, the updates server (http://updates.cs-cart.com), and the FTP server options.

I can see that when I do click “Refresh Packages List,” it refreshes and reloads the page, but no updates are available, which is weird because we have an old version.

Also, just so that you know, we did renew our license as the previous one was under someone else's name. We don't have any contact with that other person, so we needed to purchase a license under our own. From reading forums, I've heard that with a new license and using a previous owner's license, that it may be the reason why it is not providing me with the available upgrades since our new license does not allow for previous upgrades, only the newer upgrades available (version 4.0.1).

Hopefully that isn't the case, because I don't see why I can't upgrade in increments like I'm suppose to. It's the only way to upgrade to version 4.0.1 anyways, so the above doesn't really make sense.

I did clear the cache as some have mentioned, but to no avail, no upgrades are available.

If anyone can assist me in why “refreshing the packages list” is not providing me with any upgrades, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


Issue was with the registration license. Since we purchased a new license under a new name, and continued with a very old version of CS-Cart (2.0.6), the new license did not have permissions to upgrade the old version.

I contacted CS-Cart technical support, and they changed the date of the new license for us to upgrade.

The “refresh packages list” now updates and I also receive the “New Updates for CS-Cart” at the right corner.

Hope this information helps for anyone trying to upgrade to an old version of their CS-Cart under a new license.


This was very helpful, thanks for the info!