Upgraded To 4.3.1 From 4.2.4 And Checkout Is Super Slow

I need some help and don't have time to wait on support for a response.

We upgraded to 4.3.1 and now our checkout process is very slow - 60 seconds plus…more toward two minutes. It was very fast in 4.2.4 prior to the upgrade.

I have disabled all add-ons, deleted all unnecessary language files, optimized the database, reset the cache multiple times, tried different email options (sendmail, SMTP, etc), tried debugging and developer modes. We're at a loss.

What I have noticed is when you change an order status in the backend, it's VERY slow, too. However, if you uncheck the notifications - it's lightning fast. So, my suspicion lies in the email code.

Any ideas?

Everything else on the front end is very fast, it's just the checkout.



It is hard to say anything regarding this issue without detailed examination directly on your server. Please contact CS-Cart support team


please try to create the mail.php script using this instruction

by running this script you will check how long sending email takes.

besides the description of issue points to email problem and it is better to check it with your server administrator because CS-Cart support doesn't consult on server issues.

best regards,

WSA team

If you mean by “checkout is super slow” that after clicking the “Submit my order” button that it takes a long time to get to the Checkout Complete page then email is but one of the things that could be taking a while.

What type of mail service are you using? SMTP? If so, try a ping to your smtp server to see what kind of time it takes to establish a connection. It might be that your SMTP service provider is throttling your email due to prior abuse and/or they are simply overloaded. Suggest you check with that provider.

If you are using PHP mail function, then have your host setup some tracing to see where the delays are happening.

Another test would be to go to your profile and simply click save when 'Notify user' is checked.