Upgraded and now so s..l...o....w

I have been running 1.3.5-SP4 and have now just upgraded to 2.0.8.

1.3.5 is installed to the root of my site and running so fast that it is a dream to use…all that was done was to up the mem in the config file to 64meg.

I installed 2.0.8 following the upgrade instructions to a folder off the root and it is running like a dog. I upped the mem from the default 48 to 64 and that made a slight difference but we are still talking 8 secs between page views or even after you scroll the mouse wheel.

2.0.8 is not workable to make my cosmetic changes like adding blocks, creating pages etc so I am scared to remove my 1.3.5 version.

Anyone else having MAJOR speed problem with 2.0.8 and if so have you done anything that has helped?


Installed a fresh copy of 2.0.8 and works perfectly so the upgrade following CS-Carts instructions has cause the problem :confused:

If you have the stats addon installed and active, you might want to turn it off.

The stats addon from my testing seems to slow everything down.

Yet I still have it on. :mrgreen: