I have 23 notification for upgrade and never have done one since I purchase the product back in may.

I thought I may do one now that there is a serious cs cart and multi vendor 4.11.5 upgrade , but I am very anxious to do so .

How hard is that for a novice like me ?

Whats best course to do so

How long does it take ?

I am hosted at cloudways+digital ocean , I wonder if maybe they would do it , I don't know .

Thank you for your help

If you've not installed many 3rd party addons and no one has modified distributed files to customize your site, it's not very difficult at all. Just tedious. Take good notes on conflicts the upgrade finds that are not in the var/ directory tree.

We recommend to make a copy of website in subdirectory and try to perform upgrade there at first


Thank you very much both, it's going to be useful ! still anxious though


As alternative I would recommend you NOT create the clone of your site in the same document root as your store. Neither are right or wrong though, just different development preferences. The only issue with using a sub-domain is that you may not get valid https during your development. However, that shouldn't be a real issue since it's a development site. But once you verify the upgrade you can then use this separate site to verify any changes you may want to make. I.e. to test a 1000 product import, etc....

If you do a site backup while the dev sub-directory is populated, you are doubling your backup data. Suggest you use a sub-domain in a separate document root instead. You can then work on the new site and not be backing up a huge amount of temporary data in your daily backups. I.e.:

production site: public_html, your_domain.com, cpanel_dbname

development site - dev, dev.your_domain.com, cpanel_dbname_dev


development site - public_html/dev, your_domain.com/dev, cpanel_dbname_dev

Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me ,

i will follow your advices , over time my 'upgrade-anxiety' should level off !