Upgrade to v3.0.5 Possible Problem with Category Names

After I upgraded to Ultimate v3.0.5 from 3.0.4 it would seem my website is no longer renaming categories by their name, but instead by a number. i.e. category-xx.

What used to look like this - www.myurl.com/electrical/battery/

Now looks like this - www.myurl.com/category-58/battery/

The number of the category is different for each category. i.e. category-4, category-29 . . .

I tried uninstalling and then re-installing the SEO. Has anyone else seen this after upgrading to v3.0.5?

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


Found a solution. Had to edit each category separately Deleted the SEO names found in the Add-ons Tab, which had the category-xx name in it. Then saved the category with the SEO Name blank. CSC then automatically filled in the (old) correct name. Now I see the correct titles.