Upgrade to last version of CS CART with a custom skin


I have a cs-cart for www.myhardare.ro. It is the 1.3.4 version. I want to upgrade to 1.3.5. But i also want to create a new skin. So i instaled the 1.3.5 version on a subdomain. But the shop says is demo and cannot activate debug mode.

I didn’t find but I must buy the shop again to upgrade to 1.3.5 ???


You need not spend any additional money but you should wait for the next service release before upgrading. There are far too many bugs in this release to be a production site.

But if i want to install it on my localhost ? How can i develop a skin if it is demo? Many features are disabled :frowning:

Trial version may be a solution?

Did you download the version in your file area?